Utilization Agreement
Hikkoshi Kakumei,Inc
Based on the standard type cargo automobile transit clause of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism public notice, we will carry out Smartime Moving (SUMA-TIME) of our company. Since the matter displayed below turns into a recognition matter of our company and a customer, please be sure to confirm it.
Article 1 Load and Unload of SMARTIME MOVING Goods and Delivery
  1. We take out a load through the door out of the room, and through the entrance of a building to a track stop position, We move by a truck driver of our company, and after arriving at the moving house destination we will move your goods to your room through the stop position or the entrance of a building
  2. By road traffic situation or strengthening traffic control, you are asked to help to move the goods to the entrance of a building depending on the case where a truck cannot stop near the load/unload operation or there is no parking lot.
  3. We may refuse your help when the load cannot be carried by two persons’ hands. However, this is not applied when conveyance assistants or a special vehicle are arranged by a prior offer.
  4. The goods which cannot be carried from the passage of stairs, an elevator, or a building, or a sidewalk are carried till the place where they can be carried.
Article 2 We do not handle the following articles.
  1. Paper Money, Negotiable Securities (Promissory Notes, Checks, Shares Certificates, Debentures, Gift Certificates, etc.)
  2. Dangerous Goods, Dangerous Goods Handled as Powerful Drug, Arms, Ammunition, etc.
  3. Living Animals such as Pets, Livestock, etc.
  4. Decomposed matters, such as perishable foods
  5. Oil and fat etc. with a possibility of soiling a move load, etc.
  6. A passbook, a seal, a maternity record book, an insurance certificate, pension insurance booklet, etc., things similar to these
  7. Medicine and medical equipment in connection with the health maintenance of life and body, and medical equipment
  8. In addition, the thing which has fear of modification and breakage only by raising by minimum power required in order to move a thing usually.
  9. In dealing with a load mentioned in the preceding article, you have to understand beforehand that we cannot guarantee quality, reinstatement, failure, breakage, etc.
Article 3 Only when you take out a "special insurance policy", the following load is handled as a "move load." The maximum of 100,000 yen is guaranteed.
  1. Jewelry and Precious Metals Expensive stone-made things, such as marble
  2. Precision instruments, such as a musical instrument and a computer. (The maximum of 100,000 yen is guaranteed)
  3. High-class tableware, a high-class light, glassware, an ornament, a decoration, etc. whose value is more than 50,000 yen apiece or a set.
  4. In addition, valuables and expensive goods
※Notes: Recorded contents or added values such as art, paintings and calligraphic works, an ancient writing, antique furniture, a word processor, computer programs and software or video tapes, CD, FD, DVD, etc. cannot be compensated.
Article 4 When work and a loading platform are affected
What cannot be touched by bare hands, what releases an offensive odor, what contains liquid which may be leaked during transportation, what is extremely dirty, what our company judges to be garbage and wastes. These goods cannot be moved.
Article 5 Taking over of Disused Article
When the taking over of disused articles is completed, ownership/property right transfers to our company. You cannot insist on the right to ask a return claim in the future and any right of return whatsoever. The ownership and property rights of the goods which our company has taken over of have belonged to you, but you are asked to prove that there are also no claim and statement from a third party to our company, and you are asked to guarantee this.
Article 6 Special Responsibility Disappearance Period when there should be breakage of load, etc.
The responsibility about a part of loss or damage of some loads is extinguished, unless a notice is issued within three months from the day when the load has been handed.
Article 7 About Breakage of Load, and Compensation
  1. About breakage of the "load" clearly responsible to our company, we compensate with a maximum of 500,000 yen according to our casualty insurance contract. (We compensate for one package with 100,000 yen at the maximum.)About the thing exceeding 100,000 yen, we recommend you yourself to buy "special insurance" just in case.
  2. A compensation claim requires the "photograph" which shows breakage, "what shows the amount of money at the time of the purchase of the article", "what shows the part number, the brand name, etc.”, and "the estimate of repair." A customer should prepare these, although we give you some troubles.
  3. As a result of putting the goods mentioned in the above "Article 2" and "Article 3" together with a regular "load", even if loss and breakage should happen, we will not take any responsibility whatsoever.
  4. Regarding the compensation of the goods, the amount of money calculated based upon the basis of the depreciation rate and their service life of National Tax Agency becomes the maximum payable amount, within this amount a substitute is prepared, and if a substitute cannot be prepared the amount will be paid. When the amount of money exceeds 100,000 yen, 100,000 yen becomes the maximum amount.
  5. The following damages are excluded from the compensation.
    (1) Damages caused by irresistible force such as an earthquake, a fire, war, nuclear power, etc.
    (2) Damage of a theft, loss, etc. without a notification to the police.
    (3) Internal failure of a machine, electric appliances, etc.
    (4) Wear and tear, a peculiar defect, or character
    (5) Damage caused by the imperfect packing (packing) which a customer has made.
    (6) Damages due to unknown loss, breakage, etc.
    (7) Accident damage caused by group work with the help of a customer side.
    (8) An expensive component is used especially inside and outside a house.
Article 8 About Cancellation of Application
  1. When our company charges cancellation fee or a postponement commission, the cause of the cancellation or the postponement of the receipt day is based on a customer's responsibility, and it is limited to the time when directions of the cancellation or the postponement of the receipt day have been carried out on the previous day or the very day of the receipt day described in the quotation.
  2. The amount of the cancellation fee or the postponement commission is in the following purview. You are asked to pay the total amount of the cancellation fee when you have made a cancellation after 15:00 P.M. on the previous day or on the very day.
  3. When the cause for the cancellation is based on a customer's responsibility, aside from the cancellation fee, you have to pay the expense (limited to what has been specified in the quotation) for the additional services which our company has already started.
Article 9 Alteration of Condition
When the additional work other than described in the undertaking document (WEB) occurs, please be sure to offer.
Article 10 Compensation for the damage which has happened by delay
  1. When our company does not do the receipt of a load on the receipt day given in an application form, or when the delivery of a load is not carried out on the delivery day given in an application form, the property damage which has arisen directly by delay is compensated within the limits of the total sum of a freight charge etc.
  2. Time designation charges other than a late night or an early morning premium have not been imposed. Since we cannot promise the operation start time according to traffic condition etc., even if delay in the operation start time arises, we cannot compensate for it. Please understand this.
Article 11 About Payment of Charge
You are asked to pay the charge with cash or a credit card before an operation start. Our company has not adopted the system such as bank transfer etc. Please understand this.
Article 12 About "Payment of Charge" when loss of some loads or damage is found, or when delay of loads arises
  1. If transportation has been completed in any case, a customer is obliged to pay the total amount of the freight charge.
  2. When compensation liability occurs to our company after a customer has completed the payment, we will compensate for the property damage based upon the contents described in Article 7.
Article 13 When additional charge is required
  1. Please make an additional application about additional service after an application.
  2. When the amount of loads which cannot be taken over by the basic charge (about 2.9㎥or about 10㎥)is exceeded, additional fee is charged according to its capacity.
  3. In the case where standby to an operation start occurs (15 minutes for loading and 15 minutes for unloading) after driver arrival, you are asked to pay 1,000 yen/every 10 minutes exceeded.
  4. When mileage exceeds 21 km, you have to pay additional charge (charge for a medium-sized car) for exceeding 21km.
  5. When real vehicle mileage exceeds the service distance (15 km) in the basic charge, you have to pay 500 yen/every 5km.
  6. In the case where the distance from a truck parking position to the door (office entrance) exceeds 50m, when the working hours for loading and unloading are exceeded, you have to pay an extra fee.
  7. About taking over of disused articles, they are handled in the following.
    (1) As for four items of a television set, an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, and a washing machine, the abandonment charge is determined by the [Home Appliances Recycling Act] enforcement.
    (2) We will ask you the recycling charge and the charge for collecting and transporting separately.
    (3) A kitchen garbage, dangerous goods (ignitable thing), a Buddhist altar, and garden plants cannot be handled.
  8. When the load which does not have a statement in undertaking details appears on the day, an additional charge occurs. Moreover, it may be unable to carry an additional load on the day due to the process of the operation.
Article 14 Business which cannot be taken over
  1. Our company will refuse to do the following work: A help which cannot be done without qualification, a help in connection with a life or a crime, construction, engineering works, demolition, work at height, cleaning business which a special contractor performs, and an antisocial act, or the business concerned which our company judges to be one of them mentioned above.
  2. When giving extortion, abusive language, a threat, intimidation, and violence, or when the staff of our company feels the fear, work is stopped and our staff will leave from the spot regardless of whatever the reason is. Please be allowed to consider it as the cancellation treatment on the day of a customer in that case and receive the total amount of cancellation fee, and our company is not liable for the compensation whatsoever. Please understand this beforehand.
  3. We are not the staff of the undertaker who performs the cleaning business and housecleaning business which use a cleaning tool and the medicine for cleaning.
Article 15 Other Related Activities
Although various accompanying work about moving house, such as a driver and the operation by 2 or 3 assistants, packing of a load, unpacking work, a transfer of a piano or a car, and installation and removal of an air-conditioner, can be separately accepted in an additional charge, this is limited to the condition where a customer has offered all in advance before the contract or by 3 days before the actual operation and our company has approved it.
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