Privacy Policy
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Our company thinks that it is our social responsibility to recognize the importance of personal information protection, observe laws, and protect customers’ personal information with utmost attention, determines the privacy policy of our company in order for customers to use our service with relief and safe, and accordingly handles personal information strictly.
Basic Policy
At Moving House Revolution Co. (henceforth called our company), it is important responsibility for our company to think that the trust from customers is the first and foremost thing in the creativity-rich PC society where intelligence and individuality can be demonstrated more than enough, and to handle information related to an individual accurately and confidentially. Thoroughness to each branch office is practiced about the way how the privacy policy regarding customers’ personal information is established and personal information is handled.
About acquisition, use, and offer of personal information
The handling which has exceeded the range for the purpose of use in acquisition and use of personal information of customers is not performed. Moreover, when we provides a third party with the personal information obtained from customers, we will not offer the information to a third party without customers’ consent except for one of the following cases no matter what reason there should be.
In order that our company puts prevention of any use purpose other than utilization purposes themselves into thorough practice, it enacts various kinds of documented procedures, and carries out the check and intra-company examination by a personal-information-protection administrator.
About management of personal information
ustomers’ personal information is managed under the safe environment where the exact and newest state of information is kept and unlawful access by a third party cannot be performed. Preventive and corrective measures are taken with the system well-prepared so that leakage, loss, and defamation, etc. of data may not occur. We take the measures which analyze and prevent the cause of an accident in preparing the prevention of the expansion of the damage and straightening up the intra-company system and its countermeasures such as an emergency communication network etc. in case of an unexpected accident.
About the kind of personal information, and its use purposes
Entrusting outside contractors with personal information
Our company may entrust an outside contractor with a part or all of handling business of personal information. In disclosing personal information to a consignee, the consignee is selected on condition that the level of security about on-site inspection or protection of personal information is secured, and the personal information is disclosed after a non-disclosure agreement has been concluded.
About the exemption from responsibility about a third party's offer
Our company does not assume any responsibility about acquisition of personal information by a third party in the following cases.
About the discontinuance of use or offer, and the deletion of personal information by an notice
When a customer has asked the discontinuance of the use or offer, and the deletion of personal information, we will cope with the matter based on the Act for Personal Information Protection after we have checked whether this matter has been offered by the person himself.
About the change and notice of a privacy policy
By posting privacy policies on the homepage of our company, they can be viewed any time. In addition, the contents of the privacy policies may be changed if needed. Please refer to the latest homepage when you use them, since we cannot notify each time.
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